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Welcome to Starfleet is a interaction/character-development based Star Trek RPG set in the year 2391 using TV-canon with a TNG era feel. We provide a great setting for exploring and enjoying your characters' daily lives as well as the ability to progress your character through their career from a playable Starfleet Academy experience all the way up to becoming a Captain and running your own ship.

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 Posted: Feb 2 2017, 02:09 AM
Evren + CST + 1095 posts

Livable locations on Welcome to Starfleet
  • Starfleet Academy - Where cadets begin their Starfleet careers and Starfleet staff and faculty work. Starfleet Academy is a 4-year training program to become an officer of Starfleet. Thousands apply from across the quadrants to be accepted into the elite academy, undergoing rigorous rounds of testing just to be considered. A limited few of the absolute best and brightest are accepted.

    Those RPing at the Academy will choose a major and take related classes in order to complete their education. It is an environment with a lot of opportunity for interaction.

    Click for details about the Academy

  • San Francisco - The biggest hub of intergalactic activity on Earth. It is best known as the headquarters of Starfleet and the home of Starfleet Academy. Many humans and aliens alike visit or live in the bustling, diverse city that serves as both a very popular tourist destination as well as a hub of intergalactic business, government, trade, and entertainment.

  • Sol Station - The starbase and dock that is in orbit around Earth. It is run by Starfleet, but home to many civilians, many of whom work in the station and/or run businesses frequented by travelers.

    Starbase 1 contains a vast amount of entertainment options for travelers as well as a rich environment for people to make their homes. RPing here will focus primarily on the day to day interactions of life on the starbase with the very occasional event or plot.

  • Elsewhere - Elsewhere includes anywhere on Earth that isn't San Francisco. Characters can also travel to places like the Luna Colony or Mars Colony, but cannot live there.

    The Dalnyr's primary function is a deep space exploration vessel. It is also a flagship, often sent on highly important missions. The crew are some of the best in the galaxy, which is also why the ship is regularly used as a training vessel with new enlisted officers and fresh Starfleet graduates are sent to hone their skills.

    It is also the home of hundreds of civilians who use the deep space vessel as a home and provide various benefits to the crew on long missions away from well-populated Federation space.

    Click for more details about the Dalnyr

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