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Player Name/Alias: Bella
Age: 31
Height: 6'2"
Species: Betazoid
Homeworld: Betazed
Quote or Lyrics: Never lie to me... I will know...
Birthday: December 12th
Joined: 27-September 17
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Sep 27 2017, 11:59 AM
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<div id=posta>
<div class=postb>OASNIM UBRAIZUR
<div class=postc>TAILOR ● CIVILIAN ● SS DALNYR</div>

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Betazoid nobility, at least on his home planet with those who understand the importance of the Betazed Houses. Raised in the First House of Betazed, the house of Honesty and Truth means that these are the qualities Oasnim values most in people. He is out going and friendly, but can have a bit of a nasty bluntness when he is lied to or deceived. Despite his upbringing, he is a man who prefers to work with his hands over his mind. He is always willing to help those in need, and will use his connections if he needs to…

<br><b>Species:</b> Betazoid
<br><b>Homeworld:</b> Betazed
<br><b>Gender/Sex:</b> Male
<br><b>Sexual Orientation:</b> Pansexual
<br><b>Age | Birthdate:</b> 31 | December 12th, 2358
<br><b>Height:</b> 6’2”
<br><b>Hair Color:</b> Dark brown almost black
<br><b>Eye Color:</b> Black
<br><b>Unique species abilities:</b> Empathetic and Telepathic

<b>Psychological Profile:</b>
<br>Oasnim is a fairly free flowing man, allowing himself to be moved with the world around him. He enjoys company of others and to please those closest to him. Honesty and truth are the values that mean the most to him, and he does not feel guilty about using his ability to see these values in people.
<br><br>Like most of his kind, Oasnim can be quite blunt without realising he is being so. This bluntness has a habit of turning nasty if he works out someone has lied to him or tried to deceive him – breaking the values he holds in the highest respect.
<br><br>In terms of business, he keeps his openness but does adapt to sell his items – one wouldn’t be very successful if they couldn’t. Oasnim will always look for a way to get a deal.
<br>Cestroh Ubraizur | Male | 75
<br>Rwivraxo (Kaa) Ubraizur | Female | 74
<br>Leisus Ubraizur | Male | 39
<br>Usaarom Ubraizur | Male | 36
<br>Neastroni (Ubraizur) Ivoilor | Female | 36
<br>Traditionally engaged to but not currently with - Tirriviw Su | Female | 29

<br>Oasnim was the fourth and final child born to Cestroh and Rwivraxo Ubraizur of the First House of Betazed. His parents were highly involved with their place in the house and with the governing of their planet. Especially in his late teenage years after the Dominion War, when they tried to get back to normal. Being of the first house, as of many of the houses, they were seen and treated as nobility within their culture. Oasnim wasn’t overly spoilt by this, but he was use to a richer way of living and having certain connections that normally people would not have.
<br><br>Being the youngest of four had its advantages, as he was never expected to do or become anything he did not want to be. His older brothers followed their parents into the politics and being a leading part of the first house. Whereas his sister married her betrothed at a young age, and started producing the next line happily. He on the other hand found a liking to working with is hands. This and an interest in making clothing making lead to an apprenticeship.
<br><br>After he finished the apprenticeship he started up his own little shop (with help from his parents) on Betazed. It ran smoothly and he found he really enjoyed talking to visitors. But he never felt the need to travel himself.
<br><br>Until a couple of months ago when his parents talked to him about his betrothed. While he had nothing against Tirriviw, he did not know if she was the one he wanted to spend his life with. Oasnim would up hold his end of the tradition, as was the way, if she agreed to it. The two spoke and decided to give each other another five years before they went through the joining – if neither found someone else in the meantime. As such Oasnim decided to pack up is business and explore the universe before marrying her.

<br><br><b>Setting Requested:</b> SS Dalnyr
<br><b>Position Requested:</b> Tailor/Shop Owner
<br><b>Rank Requested:</b> Civilian

<br><br><b>Professional Experience:</b>
<br>Oasnim has been trained in the way of the tailor and has run his own business before.

<br><br><b>Player Alias:</b> Bella <3
<br><b>PB:</b> Adam Driver
<br><b>Over 18?:</b> Yes
<br><b>Join Date:</b> 14th August 13
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