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A sociable young engineer from rural Texas chasing a lifelong dream with all he's got. With his tool-belt firmly around his waist, a winning smile and a determination that could conquer the universe (or at least perhaps his own engineering section one day), Floyd Williams is a far more driven man than his laid back and sometimes slightly improfessional attitude might make some believe.

<br><b>Species:</b> Human
<br><b>Homeworld:</b> Earth
<br><b>Gender/Sex:</b> Male
<br><b>Sexual Orientation:</b> Heterosexual
<br><b>Age | Birthdate:</b> 7th March, 2370
<br><b>Height:</b> 6'1
<br><b>Hair Color:</b> Brown
<br><b>Eye Color:</b> Green
<br><b>Unique species abilities:</b> None.

<b>Psychological Profile:</b> A typically calm, laid back individual with a good sense of humour, Floyd Williams is a highly sociable and rather extroverted individual who is typically very adept in social situations. On the other hand however, his attention when not on a task he considers to be of great importance can sometimes be shifted away to others things. His mind has been known to wander while on assignments for example. While this didn't cause him any particularly major problems during his education, it did lead to some occasions where distractions led him to finish and hand in papers in a last minute rush in order to reach a deadline.

<br><br>Nonetheless despite this, he has managed to keep his head in the game while at Starfleet academy so to speak. The man is following his lifelong dream, and he is seemingly absolutely determined to not let anything get in the way of that. So far he has proven to be almost unflappable under stressful circumstances, taking a lot in order for him to become stressed over something. His relaxed attitude can has on a few occasions made Floyd seem a little improfessional during holodeck simulated engineering scenarios, for instance, an incident where he found himself absent mindedly humming popular songs while re-calibrating a malfunctioning warp plasma flow conduit before moonwalking over to a diagnostic console to check the results, pointing at it with "finger guns" upon being satisfied with the results. After a chewing out by the official running the test, this has since turned into a something of a running joke amongst some of his peers which he has very much embraced.

<br><b>Parents:</b> Bill Williams | Male | 49
Sarah Williams | Female | 47

<br><b>Siblings:</b> Tiffany Williams | F | 17
<br><b>Partner:</b> None
<br><b>Children:</b> None

<br><b>History:</b> Born in a small Texas town to a machinist/classic automobile engineer father and a equine veterinarian mother, Floyd was seemingly almost "made" to be an engineer. Even from a very young age had a very strong interest in both engineering and spaceflight. In fact, since age seven he was taking things like his (or his little sister's) toys apart to try and figure out how they functioned. Of course, at first he was unable to put them back together again which caused a fair amount of frustration for his father Bill as Floyd would take something to pieces and then ask him if he could "fix it".

<br><br>It wasn't long until Floyd joined his father in working in the machine shop and garage, naturally starting with small tasks such as handing the right tools when needed or polishing chrome, to eventually joining in full restoration and rebuild work. However, despite this profession being rather satisfying to his technical mind, he knew it wasn't what he wanted to do with his life. As soon as he was given even the slightest inkling of an opportunity upon finishing two years of college, Floyd finally pursued his childhood dream of joining Starfleet Academy. He excitedly ran down to meet his parents and share his plans, and before they even had a chance to really talk to him about it, he was already off.

<br><br><b>Setting Requested:</b> Starfleet Academy
<br><b>--- If Cadet, list major:</b> Engineering
<br><b>Position Requested:</b> n/a
<br><b>Rank Requested:</b> n/a

<br><br><b>Professional Experience:</b> Floyd Williams has a two year associate's degree in applied engineering as far as raw qualifications stand. He attended for the entire two years and passed with very solid grades.

<br><br><b>Player Alias:</b> Thewaltham
<br><b>Over 18?:</b> Yes
<br><b>Join Date:</b> 2/12/2017
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