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Posted by: Evren Dec 27 2017, 03:42 PM


Emergency Personnel
    Medical, Security, and other crew related to the emergency and relief work will be undergoing a 3 week training program prior to launch of the ship. This will take place on the Mars Base. Their days will be long, they will all learn some aspects of each others' jobs as everyone will help out everyone. They will also learn more about the ship itself, everyone will get some crash courses in piloting the ship and engineering. Most importantly they will learn about the purpose of their work, hone their emergency and field skills, and become familiar with what is expected of them.


Ship Crew
    Engineers and other personnel whose focus will be on keeping the ship itself going and general operations will undergo about 1 week of training where they will all learn some about each others' jobs and more about the ship itself. The next two weeks will involve preparing the ship, systems, and crew for launch.

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