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 Annabelle Fletcher [Complete]
Cadet Annabelle Fletcher
 Posted: Nov 12 2017, 06:21 AM

Age //22

Height //5'4

Bday //May 1st, 2369

Position //Navigation Cadet

Species //Human

Homeworld //Earth



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Annabelle is a relentless perfectionist who wants to excel at Starfleet Academy. She's an overachiever and a general ball of tension at any given point. She's chosen to attend to follow her dream as well as her father's footsteps into Starfleet. Her dream is to one day be someone's first officer or helmsmen.  

Species: Human
Homeworld: Earth
Gender/Sex: Female
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Age | Birthdate: May 1st, 2367
Height: 5'4”
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Unique species abilities: none

Psychological Profile: Loyal to a fault, kind, patient, and polite. Annabelle is even tempered and the chosen diplomat in her family disputes. She has also been known to be brutally honest with people even when softening news would be the better choice, choosing to tell them the full truth without sugar coating it. She's sarcastic when angered and prefers the company of close friends and family. She's slow to warm up to strangers but is always ready to make new friends and acquaintances. A natural nurturer and caregiver.

Anna also has a strong need for order and organizes the objects around her almost compulsively. This is managed by keeping her own affairs and personal belongings in order and can cause her to lash out at someone for destroying her carefully made order of things. Thankfully this doesn't extend to things that belong to other people, since she has too much respect for personal property to touch something that doesn't belong to her without permission.

Parents: Cadeon Fletcher| Male | 45 [deceased]
Tessa Fletcher| Female | 44

Siblings: Melody Fletcher | Female | 22
Elizabeth Fletcher | Female | 17
Marcus Fletcher | Male | 16
Jake Fletcher | Male | 12

Partner: none
Children: none

History: Anna was born as one of a pair of twin girls to Cadeon and Tessa Fletcher. She and her twin sister were a surprise for the couple, as they had originally only been expecting one baby. So when a second heartbeat showed up at the first ultrasound they were given the news of twins. The girls lived on a small ranch in Kentucky where they learned as soon as they could walk how to ride horses and help around the ranch. Sister Elizabeth came when the twins were five, then brother Marcus a year after that and finally baby brother Jake four years after that. Anna's father was a Starfleet lieutenant while her mother was a civilian councilor. That completed their family.

From a young age Anna was always a nurturing and good natured girl, always tending the various little cuts and bruises her siblings received from playing and helping on the ranch. But what she really loved to do was read, and could spend hours lost in a book while her more outgoing siblings were out making friends. In school she excelled in her various subjects, focusing most on history and English. Most would consider this upbringing idyllic, if a little sheltered.

At eighteen Anna chose to go on to continue her education, eventually completing a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing to become a Registered Nurse. She thought she'd go the way of a doctor, going through the medical tract in Starfleet so that she could someday go out into space and maybe even get stationed near her father. She never believed anything bad could happen. Just before the entrance exam for Starfleet Academy two years ago Anna and her family got word from her father's superior officer. He'd been killed in the line of duty and they were sending him home. Her plans for Starfleet were put on hold while the family mourned their loss and dealt with the arrangements for bringing her father home and getting him properly buried.

This would be the first time Anna saw death in person, and it made her realize that maybe being a doctor wasn't the way to go for her. She couldn't stand the sorrow, the pain that came with losing someone. And she'd feel responsible for every death that happened on her watch, something that could cause severe professional burn out. For a Starfleet Officer, that was something she would have to avoid. And so she stayed out a second year, to figure out her life and decide what she wanted to major in instead of going the Medical route as she'd originally planned.

Now set on her path, Anna is ready to start her journey through Starfleet Academy, and hopes it will lead her where she needs to be.

Setting Requested: Starfleet Academy, Earth
--- If Cadet, list major: Navigation [Intend to go for a double major when I can, so eventually Cultural Studies as well]
Position Requested: n/a
Rank Requested: n/a

Professional Experience: [Bachelor's of Science in Nursing]
- Area of Study: Nursing
- Years of Study: 4
- Graduated: Yes

Player Alias: Liana_Walter
PB: Jenn Proske
Over 18?: yes
Join Date: 11/12/17

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 Posted: Nov 29 2017, 11:29 PM

Age //27

Height //Like...5'9?

Bday //8/16

Position //Admin

Species //Robots

Homeworld //Earth


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Transcript Explanation

Only admins can edit your transcript. It will be updated once per IC year with the grades earned throughout that year. You can only take classes for the year you are in, but you do not have to pay attention to which term they are.

If there is a mistake on your transcript or you need something changed, PM an admin. If you are interested in RPing the changes, go to your advisor.


You will have a total of 7800 XP once you have completed the required classes (marked REQ) listed here. However, you need 15,000 XP in order to successfully graduate. The remaining XP can be earned by taking elective courses, RPing, or completing objectives. Important cadet info can be found here.


Electives (marked NR) are entirely optional, but earn additional XP for each taken. If taking an elective, simply complete and post the homework for that class and it will be added to your transcript when grades are given at the end of each year. Suggested electives are on your transcripts. Any additional electives are entirely up to you and your characters' interests. Do not exceed 8 classes for any year.

Starfleet Academy Registrar
950 Lincoln Blvd
San Francisco, CA

Cadet 4th Class
 Term One
Life Science BIO 1010 REQ Grade:
Biology Across the Species BIO 1020 REQ Grade:
Optional Elective Class# NR Grade:
 Term Two
Elementary Biology BIO 2200 REQ Grade:
Starfleet Medical Terminology MED 2000 REQ Grade:
Starfleet Medical Practices MED 2100 REQ Grade:

 Term One
Starfleet Medical Technology MED 2200 REQ Grade:
Anatomy MED 2500 REQ Grade:
Optional Elective Class# NR Grade:
Optional Elective Class# NR Grade:
 Term Two
Physiology Across the Species MED 3100 REQ Grade:
Diagnostic Medicine MED 3300 REQ Grade:
Patient Care MED 3500 REQ Grade:
Optional Elective Class# NR Grade:

 Term One
Pharmacology MED 4250 REQ Grade:
Damage Control TACT 4100 REQ Grade:
Optional Elective Class# NR Grade:
Optional Elective Class# NR Grade:
 Term Two
Beginning Medical Practices MED 5600 REQ Grade:
Optional Elective Class# NR Grade:
Optional Elective Class# NR Grade:
Optional Elective Class# NR Grade:

 Term One
Medical Treatment MED 6750 REQ Grade:
Optional Elective Class# NR Grade:
Optional Elective Class# NR Grade:
Optional Elective Class# NR Grade:
 Term Two
First Aid and Emergency Medicine MED 7200REQ Grade:
Traumatic Injury MED 7600 REQ Grade:
Family and Pediatric Medicine MED 7500 NR Grade:
Optional Elective Class# NR Grade:


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