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 Talo Kent, Administration Char
Talo Kent
 Posted: Sep 28 2016, 05:31 AM

Age //44

Height //6'1

Bday //Vega Colony

Position //Overseeing Admiral

Species //Human

Homeworld //Vega Colony


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Full Name: Talo Tristian Tau Kent
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 43
Abilities: None
Playby/Art: Henry Cavill

M E D I C A L . R E C O R D S

Birthdate: June 14th
Height: 6'1
Hair color: Dark Brown
Eye color: Right eye: Blue - Left Eye: Brown and Blue
Tattoos/markings: A pretty old tattoo on his right ankle


3 positive traits: Adventurous, Assertive, "Ideas Guy"
3 negative traits: Devious, "Two-Faced", Risk-taker
Favorite Hobby: Coming up with new projects
Favorite place to go: On Duty: Milling about - Off Duty: uhhh classified?
Favorite food: He doesn't have one. He detests eating the same thing every day and his tastes vary from day to day.
A perfect day would be spent: So many things.
Most surprising thing about them: Considering his job, the most surprising thing about him is that he hates first meetings. Hates them. He likes meeting new people, but he hates the action of it.
Least favorite activity: Dealing with the inevitable tide of people who reject change.
Pet peeves: People who drag and scuff their feet, "over-quoting"
One thing that disgusts them: Metaphorical and real, chains.

Personality Type: Talo is the sort of man that can light up a whole room if he wants to, to bring the 'fun' in, so to speak. He is stereotyped as the 'Fun Admiral' for a reason, and he uses that to his advantage. With that adage, he comes into places, meetings, ships, wherever he moves next, to get things going in a respectfully fun manner befitting Starfleet. A fun loving guy who just wants the best for the captain and the crew.

However, if he sees a problem and his methods fail, he will take things into his own hands. When Talo sees something that requires immediate attention, he will become controlling, manipulative, devious, to get his way. These are seen on exceedingly rare basis by other people, however, and thus, his personality as seen by other people is far more the fun-loving Admiral that wants to be friends no matter the rank. Who Talo truly is under all of that is unknown, though to be quite frank, he is likely truly that happy and eager to do his job.


Place of birth: Vega Colony
Parents Names: Peter and Valentine Kent
Siblings' Names: Ender Kent, Nikolai Kent
Culture/Religion: Human/None. Or all. He’s a very open guy when it comes to religion, though he doesn’t really follow anything.

Brief History:
Talo was the first born to the Kent family upon Vega Colony, and grew up there for the first 17 years of his life. If you ask him, that is all that will be said about it, but the sort of way that kind of both makes you not all that more curious about it, but an underlying feeling that you probably shouldn't.

His parents were not abusive, not in the traditional sense. His entire childhood, he felt...an enormous pressure. Do well, do all the sports, all the activities, participate in everything, go to church - Talo's entire childhood was shaped by trying to do well by his parents' wishes. He was, after all, the oldest, and male, and this was a traditional type of colony that defied modern 2300's ideology by the rest of the Human sect of the universe. This seemed to matter little, really, because Talo didn't know. The colony was extremely sheltered, mostly cut off, and it was his world, their world, and he was raised with this knowledge that as the front of the family, he would need to not only take responsibility for his own actions, but his parents' business should they fail to continue to do well, to take care of them as they aged, to attend church and the lectures that were occasionally doled out. He stretched himself to his limit at sixteen, and that's about when things started to get bad.

He loved his brothers, they were his family, they were young and he saw them as sort of...forgiven, for any mistakes they might have made. Nikolai, of course, he didn't know - he was young, and personalities took a while to kick in, but he loved him anyway, as one does to a brother, to a baby, to a child. Ender was the one he saw the most of, but his tight curriculars meant that he saw very little of him anyway, and when he did, it was typically at dinner, and he was exhausted.

At sixteen he had a part time job, he exercised a tight time-clock that kept him abreast of all non-conflicting, god-fearing activities the school and church had, and had run for student council president, and won. He participated in several Human sports to make certain that he had skills. While he was not the best at everything, not by a long shot, he was trained in adaptability, change, and then he learned of the space port.

He knew it was there, of course, but it wasn't used often, and his mind never really traveled there. At night, he began to study outsie the limits of what they taught in the schools, and he began to learn all sorts of things that he likely should not have known about. And as his awareness expanded, so did his eventual spite toward his parents.

At seventeen, he argued with his parents almost constantly. Any time that he saw them (mostly at night or in the morning), there was some sort of row about something or other, almost never the same thing twice, and his parents were mostly at a loss at how to deal with him, when threats became dire, and finally, when Talo renounced his religion, the colony, and basically, his parents.

In the dead of night, he walked into Nikolai's small room, brushed his black hair away from his forehead and gave the sleeping child a kiss, and moved into Ender's room. He awoke when the door opened, and he placed a finger to his lips. The boy was sleep-mussed and out of it, and he doubted he would remember any of it. He sat on his bed and rested a hand against his skinny legs, with a half smile on his face.

"I love you, Ender. You're the best little brother a guy like me could ever have. But get out when you can."

He was fairly certain that his brother had fallen asleep soon in the middle of his sentence, but that was all right. He kissed the top of his head too, and left Vega Colony.

Taking off with his clothes and a few other small possessions, but leaving the majority of what he had behind, he took off for the stars, and just about went out of his skull with the feeling of it, the sight of all of it. The first thing he wanted to do was travel the galaxy, see different planets, do different things, and he was strung out on all of the possibilities he had, literally a universe of possibilities.

It took him a little bit of time, but he finally settled on a direction. The direction. Starfleet. The Federation. He could go anywhere in the universe, but first, he was going to go to the place where he could have a little bit of a leash on himself, to be able to do something he knew he could do, at least in the barest possible form. School. And he had a lot to learn.

He failed the first time, but succeeded the second, after taking a year to absorb as much as he could to get inside. He worked himself hard, joining every club he could, fitting in every class, trying his hardest, and networking with lots of different people from many different walks of life - many were civilians, but some were off-duty and held something of some power. He didn’t use those connections to succeed in Starfleet, but he did keep them in mind for future problems that he might need. Everything he ever did was very much in line with what he might one day need to do or anyone he might need a little bit of help from or with. He tried to keep himself in good graces, and through that, he made an excellent side-hobby in communications, though he never personally majored in it.

Through the years, he ambitiously rose through the ranks. The method of, “where there’s a will, there’s a way” was something of a truth in this instance. Talo never took no for an answer, and when he was given that strictly and firmly, he worked tirelessly to wear the adversary down. That wasn’t to say that he 100% succeeded every time, but he got in several good runs that made it hard for him not to get promoted. He worked on several different ships, some in deep space and some rather closer to ‘home’ as it was, and with his experience and tenacity, he made Captain. And, after ripping through his captaincy, he was promoted once more, to Admiral, Commodore Status (or Lower Half).

After that, he was promoted again, to Vice Admiral, which was actually just simply, Rear Admiral. He stayed there for perhaps longer than he had ever stayed at any rank in his life, and went where he was needed, fixing problems, motivating people as best as he could, monitoring fleets and giving advice on how to handle situations, taking over when things turned to shambles. He made bad calls and he made good calls, as any Admiral would, but he was extremely busy, as one might expect from an Admiral at such an age.

Then he was promoted one more time. Admiral. Just, Admiral. Near the top of the ladder but not there quite yet. Admiral was a good place. He wanted to stay here for a little bit longer. Fleet Admiral had its perks, but it wasn’t quite his ...style. He was hands on. And really, that made him more of a hindrance to the rest of the Admiralty Board but he wasn’t too concerned with that. However, he wouldn’t simply quit doing his job to avoid any sort of hint of promotion. No, he would keep going. Everything in him had to keep going. All the time, actually.

He knows about Ender and Nikolai, and that both of them are now in Starfleet, and he is proud of them, but has kept his distance, not only because of the fervor that he attacks every situation, but also because he is high-up in the ranks, and he doesn't want anything to look like favoritism, and so has simply kept an eye on them. Not too much of one, but enough of one. Given that Nikolai was a baby, Ender was the only one that he really knew, but a lot of time had passed...and re-entering the situation was... dare he say it...awkward.


Higher Education: Yes
- Area of Study: Administration, Intelligence
- Years of Study: 5
- Graduated: Yes

Primary Skills: “Out of the box” thinking, High-Energy, Morale-Boosting
Specialty: Pushing things in the right direction
Years of practical experience: 5 years of Academy training, 18 years of hands-on scraping his way through the ranks on various ships

Brief description of experience: Intelligent, well-spoken, groomed, strategic thinking, motivated, politically engaged and well-connected, Talo made his way through the ranks by utilizing all of these techniques. After several years, he became Captain of his own vessel, the USS Duquoix, and not long after that, he was promoted. 18 years is a lot to sum up.


Setting: Anywhere he's needed (and sometimes where he goes just for funsies)
Position Requested: Admiral [Admin position]


Alias: Key
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Talo Kent
 Posted: Apr 3 2017, 01:13 AM

Age //44

Height //6'1

Bday //Vega Colony

Position //Overseeing Admiral

Species //Human

Homeworld //Vega Colony


Think of it as something exciting, like..."Re-Branding."


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Pronunciation of their name (phonetically): Talo Kent
Names/Nicknames they like being called: Kent, mostly.
Names/Nicknames they hate being called: He's got a lot.
Preferred Pronouns: He/Him
Sexual Orientation: Does it have a pulse

Personal Quote: "There's always a way through."


General Personality Description: Talo Kent is an optimist who is deeply, deeply affected by the wall of negativity for a lot of things he had presented growing up. Everything he does is shaped by what was said couldn't, or shouldn't, be done. This did not bend him in an evil way, of course, but it more spurred him on to be the best that he could be. In all things that he could put his hands on, he is at least somewhat competent, or has at least given himself the ability to navigate it. Jack of all Trades, Master of None (is better than a Master of One) as they say, and he edicates all his time to Starfleet and their main goal. This being said, he is also a light-hearted man, with a tense stubborn Kent streak. This dichotomy is part of why his nicknames always seem to revolve around him having two very distinct parts, one half of which is deeply less trustworthy than the other.

Alignment (from D&D): Chaotic Good
Specific song or type of music that deeply fits them and why? Anything powerful, typically in an either striving bass, or in a driving beat. Rap music, and accelerating drum tracks are best suited for him, as that drive, that thump in your heart when you hear it, the confidence and need to do something is what has driven him his whole life.
If they could describe themselves as any color, what would it be and why? Red. It's bold, it's there, it's flashy, it's the color of action.
Their 5 favorite anythings: Casual sex, new ideas, having problems brought to his attention, exercise, W O R K
Their 5 least favorite anythings: Being idle, having nothing to do, having his authority challenged, needless and petty arguments, sour things.
List 1 surprising thing about them: DEEPLY afraid of heights.
What inspires them? Definitely being in the middle of a problem he thinks he needs to solve.
Favorite Holovision Show: There's an 'Indie' Tavnian show that is pretty hard to get ahold of, but each time he does, he cherishes each new installment. It's about Tavnian archaeologists and their trouble (it's a mostly staged reality show)
Favorite Movie: He likes movies about righteous heroes who usually follow the 'wrong moves for the right reasons' code. Ones that don't necessarily follow the rules but get things done, probably for very obvious reasons. One of his favorites is a common classic called Irivia, a hardened woman who used to be a security officer, but was fed up with all the regulations.
List 1 surprising thing about them: He's a real beast at space checkers.
What is their favorite aspect of their own culture? Humans, in general, have a lot of cute things that they do (like saying 'ow' before even knowing whether or not they've been hurt), but as for the culture he came from, he can't say that he misses a thing.
What is the one thing they never tell anyone about themselves: Any of his regrets, or that he has any.
How would they spend a perfect day? It would be chock full of things to do, first of all. People to do, too, really. He was never much one for relaxing, anyway. Not until the very very end of the day, anyway.
If they had to lose one sense, what would it be? Taste.
If not taken, are they looking for love or single and loving it? Single and loving it
Fight or Flight? Tough choice. He says it depends on the situation, but fight.
Romance or Action? Action
Sunshine or rain? Rain
Sweet or savory? Sweet
Healthy food or junk food? Healthy...kinda
Fancy clothes or casual? Fancy


Parents: Peter and Valentine Kent
Siblings: Ender and Nikolai Kent (Both younger)
Children: None (that he knows of, anyway)
Closest Friend: None
Significant Other: None!


Birthplace: Vega Colony
Where were they raised? Vega Colony
What was their home life like? Being the eldest, Talo was supposed to do a lot of things that he didn't end up eventually doing. He was expected to do his family proud, to become the leader of the household and the name (when he was old enough), and to basically be a paragon of the community along with the others. When he was a child, this pressure was put on him in the form of social activities, religious activites, and sports. As he grew older, they became more of a social-political area, and when he finally got old enough to realize that any of his opinions, if they differed from the 'norm' would be chastised, he began to rebel. That's when things got very messy.
Any close bonds with friends/siblings/peers? Not so much. It wasn't necessarily by choosing, but it also wasn't necessarily not his own choosing.

Favorite thing about their childhood? The endurance that he built up over ages of over-achieving.

Least favorite thing about their childhood? Definitely the pressure, at a young age. Looking back on it now, he can most certainly say that there were probably some very important child-things he should have been doing.

One thing they would do differently as a parent than their parents/guardian did: A difficult question to be sure - while he can't really say that his parents made a monster, he can say without a doubt that he would let his kids be kids and let them figure out what they would do when they got older, rather than trying to steer them down a path. Clearly the steering only works so far until the bull figures out how to get the reins.

Describe their childhood memory that had the most impact on them? When he was six, one of his friends moved away, completely off planet. It was the first notion that something out there did exist, but that was merely a background thought. The thing that really weighed on his mind was that people could leave, and he would never see them again.

Describe their late teen/adult memory that had the most impact on them? There were many of them, but the one that had to have the most impact on him were the last few arguments with his parents, that escalated to before-unheard of aggression. Nothing beaten and nothing broken, but words were said that could never be taken back.


Where are they living? Talo lives in Starfleet property. That's about all he can say - he doesn't have his own permanent place of residence yet because he hasn't had time for something as ridiculous as looking for a 'home' to retire at for vacations when he barely takes any time off anyway, and he prefers to be out doing things rather than paying money for a place he would rarely stay in. So he stays in VIP places, guest housing, and other such accommodations, until he moves to the next area.
What is their place like? Whatever the place looks like when he moves in is the way it stays. He has a few bags of his own things, which he cleans, presses, and neatly folds away in those bags once again, and takes out to wear when he goes places. He has things for every occasion, and on the off-chance that he does not, the replicator is handy for most anything he might need, pattern wise. He does not 'nest' or really 'move in' anywhere. Waste of time.

Current Occupation: Admiral - Administration Overseeing - of Starfleet
Current closest friend: Talo doesn't really have 'friends.'
Current relationship with their family: Hoo boy. That one's a lot to unpack. Nikolai was a baby when he left, so he doesn't know him, Ender he knew better, but he was still very young. He knows both of them are in Starfleet, and he knows they're both on a ship together, and knows the ship's name. He stays fully out of their affairs for a lot of reasons. He hasn't actually talked to any of his family in decades, though, and he doesn't even know what his parents are up to, nor the extended family.

What, if anything, are they currently working toward? Bettering himself, bettering Starfleet

What, if anything, are they currently working ON? Same as above. Any and all projects are fluid and ongoing.


What is their ultimate goal in life? Honestly? To be the best. The best at what, you may ask. Generally, everything.

What is their ideal career? The career he has right now.

Where do they see themselves in 10 years? Probably doing about the thing he is right now, unless dead, or somehow magically retired. Ugh. Retirement. Sounds dreadfully boring. He'll drop down to working only 4 days a week and then - nope, even the thought of it makes him yawn.
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